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Hey hey ~

Welcome on my page dA

> Aki<

Cosplayer since 2009

THANK YOU FOR 14.000 PV !!!! <3

Photo by Shigure and me !
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Here is my little feedback after Japan expo:
even though I didn't spend a lot of time as a visitor at Japan expo, I met awesome people!
My japan expo began really early, like on TUESDAY!!

With Mikado we met Cage, Katie and Valentin (idk how to write it _) for a daytrip in Paris. I was so moved and shy to meet her, especially because I have a bad english or have an nonexistant english, (I promise, I'll make a better performance next time), It was quite hard to communicate, thanks to Mikado, she helped me a lot!

If I had to make it short, we spent the day by walking, fabric, walking again, photos, then shigure joined us, talk with each other and dinner 
The day was quite nice, then we finished our day under the Eiffel tower (so romantic XD) at 0:00, everyone wished me a "Happy Birthday"! >w< Last year was Kaname, this year was Cage!

On wednesday : it was a rushing day! we spent the day in the traffic, while deliverind and helping VanRah with some stuff, also instaling her booth at
JE!^^ Than we went to pick up Sonia!! hahaha the infernal trio !!

that was before Japan expo

Thursay: we wore a Gantz cosplay and passed on scene! we had a little rush but we survived with shigu. It's been a while I really wanted to make this cosplay . Sadly we wanted to make a huge group... but as a duo it was still nice!! finaly, we spent the end of the day as a duo Kuroko no Basket: Midorima & Takao (be patient for the pictures!!^^)
1014069 598666366833242 1516801049 N by Aki-Vega           2013-07-04 19.01.53 by Aki-Vega

Friday: I was Kassim from Magi: the day was realy nice even if my feets hurts~I don't really have a lot of things to say about that, however, we had a really awesome and cool team. Also, it was really nice to be able to make a photoshoot with Saria's team (btw, congratulation for you price^^)
Saturday, : we had a really relaxing day ... maybe a little too much ... we didn't anything! Me and Shigu went somewhere passing time. We tryed to help Sonia who was wearing heels... sadly, her heels broke T__T

Saturday, : we had a really relaxing day ... maybe a little too much ... we didn't anything! Me and Shigu went somewhere passing time. We tryed to help Sonia who was wearing heels... sadly, her heels broke T__T (Kazu "Stray dog")

1064589 604090779611687 1720483635 O by Aki-Vega    1003857 10200607367680818 1158198241 N by Aki-Vega   

Sunday: after a night without sleep, I was preparing myself to take part of the ECG french selections (a little stressed). With a cosplay of Shiro Yoshiwara from Adekan, the version I made was quite cute, but really PINK, sooo pink!! also fluffy and soo girly ~I did wore it,j even tough I was shy to wear it. Thanks to people who liked my cosplay and came to cheer me (even if it doesn't seems like, I was really anxious and had to bear with it since Shigu wasn't with me) I was really happy to be in backstage with Mikado, Tamaki and Minakochan, and other really nice cosplayers!

I went on the 100%scene, than passed the preselections and than passed on the great stage (let's say this part was more funny than anything else, since my biggest fear on stage was to lose my shoes!! however, the only thing that people remember from my act was the "Froggy pose" u_u (I was a little ashamed, but since people laughed a lot about that, it bagame a great souvenir)!!

9247124717 Af12445898 O by Aki-Vega

Congratulation to the one who got selected as the Solo french ECG representative, and Congratulation to the L3 trio, I was soo happy for them !!
I'll retry it next year!^^

I had a really horrible feetache, and lost sooo much sleeping hours in darkness... I made great encouters! laughed a lot and made awesome pictures! 
However I'm sad, since I already miss everyone!!!

THANK YOU : :iconshigure-chan: :iconmikadolover: :iconca-g-e: :iconhoney-cut: 

Thanks everyone! thanks to Shi-oh for your patience when we took the Kassim and Alibaba pictures

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I think you are an amazing Heichou in Attack on Titan crack and I love that video so much. I'm surprised you were able to keep that straight face that long honestly. Anyway, I admire your scopula ting skills and if you have any tips I would LOVE to know. I cosplay Eren a lot. Anyskittlez, Baiii~~
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